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2011-07-02 22:29:45 by POBOT

Hello Newgrounds. Now im sure many of you have heard a lot about the Jessi Slaghter thing that has been going on for a while now. And this my friends is a perfect example of two things. One you should never put your face on the internet if you dont want hate comments and Two, the internet was not ment for all. Now i lable this subject as Ignorance because this girl had a complete breakdown over stupid comments. The first thing she did wrong was putting a video on Youtube saying in quote "IM BACK BITCHES" and being insanely cocky through the whole video. this was a great reason for people to ppost hate comments the were just as pissed off as she was. Second mistake was tapeing a retaliation video and saying that she is going to put a glock in a haters mouth and make brain slushy. Then later she is complaining about death threats when she was obviesly the one who started this big ordeal. Third and final mistake was makeing yet another video of her crying about it and her parents yellying in the back round. The best and only way to aproch this would be to stop putting your face on youtube and ignore, doing what she did will only make it worse. Now the reason i say that the internet was not ment for all is because the internet itself was created by a bunch of 40 year olds who wanted to fap all day. So anything else on the internet origenated from that single purpose. My point being that if your so sensitive that you have a mental break down because of a few mean comments, then you need to get off the internet and find a new hobby. And i am not trying to make her life any better or worse, im not trying to portray her as a bitch or a whore. Im just trying to share a little knowledge.
and if you dont belive me then click here

Any other questions can be left in the comments and i will get back to them if any when i can Thankyou p.s. The more a person tries to fight 4chan the more that person is gonna get fucked with



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2011-07-12 22:19:15

Not that I care much, but YouTube is only ten yr olds. This is an accepted challenge, and I'm kinda sure that if you really wanted to you could really be mad over anything. The Internet is EXACTLY where people threaten this kinda thing, not to say this chick even has a .44, but just the ability to say hey, fuck you. Immature be on Newgrounds all week, As well as Steam. Seeya then.

POBOT responds:

All im really saying is that if you cant handle a few mean comments then you shouldnt be on the internet im not making a big deal about it i dont belive she has a .44 either i was just giving information just incase sombody wanted it


2011-07-15 01:54:31

Ill b here to converse intelligently all week, Slippys been gone for a couple days, and im kinda worried (no idea why,) but you should be making more posts an` stuff. i`ll reply.


(Updated ) POBOT responds:

k ill start thinking of something


2011-07-16 21:29:11

Hey pobot, i need for you to change your account stuff. if you have my account as you (and you do) if i change my stuff (which i did ) i cant get into my account, only yours. plz swap your account mail to yours!



2011-07-17 21:47:53

it wont let me thats why i had to use yours in the first place


2011-08-03 22:39:43

new post. the following places need one: this account. Oxechesters account

places that have them. My account.